What does a Literary Agent want to know about you?

I’m speaking with a published author the today and he says to me, “If you could send me some questions I can answer, you could use them for all your prospects.”

So, what should you tell me about yourself in order to get me to represent you and your book. A Literary Agent doesn’t actually promote books, we promote authors. There are literally millions of books out there, hundreds or even thousands on the same subject as your book. How do we distinguish a Best Selling Book from a wanna be?

Publishers decide this question by looking closer at the author. Will the author be able to support their book with interviews, events, and book signings? Will the author be interesting to the public? And probably most importantly, will this author continue to write? If they bring you in and you are a one-hit-wonder, they may not look to kindly on that. They want authors to become famous, write more books, and sell lots. It makes their job easier if you do.

The list below is something I just whipped up. I am not saying, “Answer these questions!” I am posing some possibilities. Get creative! Wow me!

Interview the person you feel knows you the best, ask them to tell you what are the most unique aspects about you.
Now, interview someone who doesn’t know you very well, ask them to tell you one thing that struck them about you during your first conversation.
If you were to chat with your first childhood friend, what would they say they liked about you? How about what they didn’t like about you?
Is there anything unique about where or how you live currently? How about in the past?
What inspired you to be a writer?
Why do you feel you can write?
In your genre, who is the top competitor? Tell me why your book should be competition with this book/author.
As I said, this is just a quick, off the tip-o-the-hat list. Expand upon it. Make it easy for me to see just how I would be able to market you. And of course, make sure you write it with your own personal style. Don’t make it to long though, we have submissions pouring in now, so this is about a WOW factor that hits in just one page.

Now go to http://motherspider.com/submission-guidelines/ to choose the Agent that would be the best fit and follow the directions to submit.

Good Luck!

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