So, you’ve written your first book and you are not sure what the next step is for getting it “out there” to the reader. This is where many aspiring authors fail to maximize the potential of their market. A literary agent should be your very first step. Why? A literary agent can first put you in touch with an experienced editor. Relying solely on spell and grammar check is often a writers first of many editing mistakes. Your literary agent will find you an editor who has an interest in your specific genre, and will actually read your book, make suggestions for flow and style as well as spelling and punctuation corrections Now, you have gotten through the editing aspect what is next? Do you have an idea for your cover? A literary agent can get you a cover designer who helps bring your books vision to the forefront. Do you have a web site devoted to your book? As your literary agents we have an in house team which specializes in author web sites and marketing. Most important to all authors is getting their book to the reader. A literary agent represents you and your work to the publishing world. Literary agents have a network of connections which can get your work to the right publisher maximizing your books potential for sales. On average self published authors sell less than 500 books a year. Large publishers can sell as many as 50,000, sometimes more, books per year, per author. If your vision for your book is to reach as many readers as possible, then having a literary agent is right for you.

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