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author-website-e1399491311370Web design is probably one of the most important aspects of your Book Marketing Campaign, yet a common occurrence is the fact that authors often do not understand why or how they should do this – choosing flashy designs that get no where with no comprehension of marketing for books. This is entirely different to other marketing avenues because of the nature of what is needed.

SEO is also a fundamental aspect of what you need and this is tied to your web structure. The basis is this “If no one knows about you. then you wont sell books” It is as simple as that, but knowing and doing is two different things. There are ways to draw in your audience by learning how you should target them using content. However the old ways of just writing and seeing if it sticks is gone. You have to write engaging content that others will want to share and that can be in many verticals such as video, images, documents and much more – not just the spoken word or the written word.

Your website becomes your brand, and is your digital home on the net. It is not just about the aesthetic aspects of the design but the whole marketing campaign – including social branding. So when mother spider takes on your project, you will have the best of everything in the business – including professional design and marketing to help you achieve your publishing dreams.