If you have paid attention to the media in the publishing industry over the past few years, you got super excited when you saw authors go from rags to riches on the spine of a book or two, and you thought to yourself, "Hey, I can write a story too. One that will knock their socks off!" So you set yourself to the task of writing.

It may have take you a year or more to get to The End, and now you are a self-published author. If you are like most Indie-Published authors, you have a book (or two or three) sitting on Amazon, yet your monthly royalty check amounts to a cup of coffee. You spent tons of time writing, even more time editing, then finally producing...and nothing.

Where are all the sales? Why isn't your book doing well?

You are not discouraged though. Let me guess...

-- You know your story is great

-- You can see it in your mind up on the big screen

-- The quality of your writing is far beyond that of some of the famous authors coming into the market these days

-- And you are willing to do whatever it takes to get your book widely circulated

So now you are looking around for the answer to this new question, "What am I missing?" You may even be hearing all the other authors asking the same thing. Some people are giving out a couple of reasons, but none of them seem to be giving anything out that will solve the issue.

I'm not only going to cover the Top 4 Indie-Publisher Mistakes, I'm also going to give you a complete check list of what needs to be done, which will help you get your book on the profitable side of the fence. Yes, that's right, there are actually more than four things that you need to do to publish successfully. We will discuss a couple here now, and then you can go download my complete publishing check list. Time to dig in and get serious about it. This industry is grueling and only those willing to 'give it all they got' are going to make it to the top.

So what are the Top mistakes?

#1 is the book cover.

I know you are hearing about this everywhere. It is the subject of many posts and articles, the necessity of a professionally designed versus amateur designed book cover. This really is the first thing a reader sees, and in many polls across the internet, people agree that the cover plays a huge roll in whether they pick up the book to begin with. So getting a professional book design from someone who understands the market is essential. That last is of utmost importance here. A great graphic designer is not the same as a designer who knows the book industry. So do some research into who you choose.

All of my designers go through a series of Q&A with the author to determine broad category all the way down to targeted niche category for the book. Then with some research online we find the author's targeted audience and determine what they are looking for, both with imagery and words. With that information, we design the best cover that will grab the attention of the readers right away, and lead them to the next step.

#2 is the sales copy.

Many of my clients didn't fully understand what this even meant when we first discussed what should be on the back cover. Back cover text is simply a short synopsis of the book, right? Wrong!

The back cover text needs to be compelling sales copy. This is your first time of connecting with a potential buyer, someone who is actively looking to buy a book, and they need to know the reasons why your book is the one they should choose. What emotional highs and lows are they wanting to connect with? How will you convince them that THIS book will not be a waste of time? Yes, the synopsis must be intertwined within this text, but more importantly, you need to show what benefit they will get out of this reading.

Our marketing team uses target market research to develop the correct words and strategy for getting our now intrigued readers to open the book. That first nudge toward a sale has been set.

#3 is the editing.

This one is also being shouted by the masses, and if you see who the majority of those demands are coming from, you will take note that they are the readers. They are your audience, the people who will pay you money if they like what they see. They will continue to come back to your books if you have done them right. Just as the cover design and the sales copy are essential to get a potential buyer to look at your book, if they open to the first page and are affronted by basic grammar mistakes, they will be done with you forever and move on to the next.

As a publisher, I never want to see editing mistakes within our books. Thus, I developed a system where each of our editing clients goes through a set of editors. Not just one person editing, because one person never finds all the mistakes. We manage to keep expenses down and yet provide a much higher quality of editing. This leads to greater sales because we don't lose our sales due to editing.

An author who understands all the steps necessary to publish a great book is going to outsell the authors who don't. Even if you need to hire service providers to fulfill some of the requirements, knowing what is needed is half the battle.

#4 is lack of a great hook.

The first few pages of a book are often what a buyer will read before they make that final decision to buy. Yes, they read the synopsis before the hook, and don't get me wrong, that must be great too, but if the back cover got their interest peaked, they will flip through the first few pages next. So even if you did everything else here, yet you didn't make sure the beginning was perfect, you will lose the sale.

Many authors get caught up in this area because:

-- My friends and family love my book

-- I have a degree in writing

-- I have published books already

While it is awesome that you have a support team, and you learned in a classroom setting the ins and outs of writing, and that you already have some experience in this industry

  • Audiences have changed…
  • Attention spans have changed… (Thanks, Netflix.)
  • Technology has changed…
  • Customer buying habits have changed…
  • Presentation practices have changed…
  • And the competition has grown by 400,000 new book titles every year!

In today's world of publishing all the rules are different. Writing in a classroom is not the same as writing for a large audience and books that were published just 5-years ago might not make it as far today if published in the exact same way.

Today it is about integrating marketing within your plan of writing and publishing, so when you do release your next book, you have an engaged audience waiting to receive it.

Keep reading...now that you know the top 4 mistakes, I've created a COMPLETE check list of what to do to get the best possible book published.

In fact, I actually created you a 2nd check list that goes beyond the production of your book and lays out everything you need to do for marketing your book.

My wish for you is to sidestep the countless things that authors don't know that make most Indie-Authors epic disasters, and instead learn how to create a masterpiece.

I've been designing books and helping authors publish for 10 years now and I've made MANY mistakes along the way. You don't need to do the same! I've compiled a list of everything you need to do to be a successful, money making author.
Click here now to get both of these checklists!

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