Already published? Want to be an author who is promoted on our marketing lists? 2016 announces collaboration of this sort. You can submit a digital copy of your published work to us for consideration. There is a submission fee of $15 and if you are accepted, it is $25 annually to be listed. Your book(s) will be sent to the genre category marketing list and will be added to Our Books list, marketed to a wide array of internet locations.

Please use the form below to get submission information. After payment send us the payment ID along with your digital book and front cover using the instructions provided for submissions. Please specify that your book is published and you wish for consideration for marketing.

YES! We are accepting submissions for publishing contracts as well, in a few genre; children, general fiction, non-fiction, supernatural, scifi, young adult, fantasy, and horror. We also accept erotica under a different name separated from the previous genre. We have a one-time submission fee of $15. There are no other fees that you, as the author, will be required to pay for during production. We operate just like a large, traditional publisher in most every aspect. The only difference, we service a smaller amount of authors and we do not pay advance royalties.

Another difference is during our production, you will be allowed to participate in the process as much as possible. If your text is accepted, we will do final edits, format, design the cover, publish, and market your book. You will not be obligated to purchase any books if it is put into print, even though it is highly recommended.

Things not to do:

Do not submit incomplete manuscripts.
Do not submit a manuscript that has not been through a few rounds of editing by you and at least one or two other people. We are not your mother, we are the people who put the icing on the cake.
Do not worry about any fancy formatting other than bold, italics, and headers. Everything else gets ripped out during the process. Follow the guidelines below.
Do not hound us after you submit. We are already an established publishing company and have a lot of work on the table. We take the time to read a LOT. We will get there, and when we have finished, we will let you know one way or the other.
Do not, leave out morals or lessons when submitting to our children's division. Books without a purpose in this genre do not sell and we won't accept them.
Do not, if you are writing a short erotic story, give us just a sex scene. We only publish books with good plot and well built characters.
Do not go too light on the sex scenes if you are submitting to our erotica division. We encourage the over-18 side if it fits within the book naturally. So, do not lead up to it and then leave out the details... Don't pussy foot around it. (pun intended)

Things to expect from us:

When you have completed your $15 submission fee payment, you will be sent a receipt that shows you have submitted to us and that we are obligated to not share or use your story without a legal publishing contract signed by both parties. Please keep this for your records.

If we accept your writing, we will first contact you by email to set up a phone conference. During this phone call, we will go over contractual details. We will at that point, mail you a contract. You must give all information regarding payments to you, publicity information for marketing purposes (pen names are typically used for erotica), and then sign, date, and return to us the physical original copy.
When we receive it, we will sign, date, and return a copy to you for your records. More details about what happens next will be covered during our phone call.

We will market your book with the intention of selling the most copies possible. Due to the contract we offer, it is highly incentivized for us to work as hard as possible on this, which is why we can only take on a few select clients that we feel we can market the best.

Things we expect from you after signing a contract:

We would love for you to keep writing. It is easier to sell books from the same author and as long as the quality is of the same caliber, we would like to add to your portfolio with us...and your pocketbook.
We want you to maintain a social media presence (use your Pen Name if applicable), giving occasional posts.
We will instruct you on how to set up online marketing arenas. We hope you will participate in selling your books as well, this is one thing we look at before deciding to take anyone on.
We want you to write at least one article about you, your writing, your characters or something related, to be posted on our website. If you would like to write more, that is great, more articles are more publicity.

Submission guidelines:

  • Format your work on standard 8.5x11 in pages
  • Font in Times New Roman size 12
  • Single spaced lines with indented first line paragraphs
  • Headers in bold and font size 16
  • 300 word synopsis at the beginning
  • Submitted digitally. We do not accept printed manuscripts

That is it. We do hold the right to update and make changes to this at any time without being held to a previous version.

Enter your information here, then check your email for complete instructions on how to submit your manuscript.

We look forward to reading what you have.