Suns of Humanity series:

Book 1 - On Stranger Shores

by S.E. Blair

Man is no longer alone in the universe In November of 2012, the world ended as we know it. For the unlucky survivors of the end of days war, it marked the beginning of Hell on Earth. With the blessing of some of Earth’s wealthiest, it was occupied and enslaved by aliens. Eleanor reluctantly worked for the aliens, until her master was about to sell an unborn child. In order to save the baby though, she must free the world. Rumor had filtered in of an intergalactic Chancellery that had outlawed slavery a century ago. If she could just get through to them, there might be a chance for mankind. And a chance for her future God-child. Thus, Eleanor ventures off on a quixotic suicide quest that sends her into the uncharted depths of space, to wash up … On Stranger Shores.

Great science fiction is often the product of someone with experience in vastly different and diverse areas who bring this together into a world or a future that's as believable as it is fantastic.  Emerging author Susan Eleanor Blair certainly shares this resume, coming from a PHD background in environmental engineering, university ceramic art and hobbies ranging from medieval reenactment, role playing games and SCA storytelling, bringing this all together into her work as a new science fiction author.  “The Suns of Humanity: On Stranger Shores”, is the first in a trilogy, and will be released on May 31st, 2016. You can visit her website for up to date info on this release and sign up to get a free advanced piece of book 2.

Print Length: 300 pages
Publisher: Arachne Books
Publication Date: June 1, 2016
Language: English

Print $14.95digital $4.49Kindle $4.99Other Versions Soon