Hard to believe I haven't left a post here in a year. You can actually check out all the great stuff I wrote over the past year on another great site, OurWriteSide.com. They have a collaboration of many authors, editors, and me. lol

Just search my name on their site and you will find all the stuff I wrote over there.

Well, back to my blog now. This year has started off with the explosion of fireworks and the sparkles are still raining down upon us here at Mother Spider. One of the first things I will mention is, we are changing our name slightly–removing the word 'Designs' and replacing it with 'Publishing.' We feel, now that we are truly doing more than just designing books and websites, we needed to expand the name as well.

You can go all the way from author coaching and editing, through the production of a book, and on into the marketing side. We offer designs for all printed materials you might need, business cards or book marks, banners, and even printed or digital press kits to offer on your website.

Our web design and development team has been buffed up. We now have many author specific websites under our belt. Not that we didn't know how before, we have been designing websites since before books. Now we are just much more well versed in what is needed for an author website. Check out some of those in our portfolio section.

We have a new marketing department that is just beginning now too. We developed a quick training series for authors who want to understand how to use their WordPress site, and our marketing team is developing a package that authors can utilize to really sell their books.

So take a look around. Things are changing here on a daily basis.

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