Mother Spider Publishing is a Micro-Press, traditional style publishing house. Below are our imprints and the books within. We pride ourselves in publishing unknown authors with higher quality content than what you may find in the Indie-Publishing realm today.

Please support our authors. You can click on a book to go to  read more about the book and the author. All of our published book are offered in many version and can be delivered however you would like to get the book, either in print, ebook, or digital direct from our site. (If a version is not offered yet please check back later.)

Spider Books - general

Arachne Books - sci-fi / supernatural

Itsy Bitsy Books - kids

Indie Crawlers - vanity press-general

Indie Crawlers imprint

Our newest and final imprint is not a Traditional House publication. It has been set up for authors who want more control over their book. Mother Spider Publishing makes no claims to the quality of these books since we are typically not the editor, only the producer. If you are interested in using design services from our design department, although still want to considered a Self-Published author, contact us today to see what we can work out.


We are now accepting authors who would like to showcase their books here with ours. You could have your book seen and reviewed here, with a link to your sales page. Please visit our Author Affiliates page to see if you qualify.

Black Widow Books - erotica

Due to the nature of the genre within this imprint they are not displayed here. If you are over 18 and wish to see those books, you can visit our sister website. Clicking this link will take you to a different website.