Ghost Writing Starter Pack

Ghost writers are everywhere. Don’t let your abilities to write deter you from getting your story to the world. We have professional writers that can do it for you.

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Many people have amazing ideas for a book, yet feel their abilities as a writer are not worthy. Ghost writers are a great solution to this situation. Many books on the market are written in part or wholly by ghost writers.

You get a professional writer to interview you about your idea and then write your book as you see it. We love to write, so we can offer our services below the market average. All our writers are thoroughly vetted to ensure great writing styles that are intriguing to readers.

Get started easily.

Purchase our Ghost Writing Starter Pack which covers your interview and the first 100 pages.
Submit your idea and we will send you writing samples from 3 different authors to match you up with the best writer for your project.
Schedule your phone interview.
That’s it! The rest is done by us.

During the phone interview, you will discuss with your author, the story plot, the characters, and the length of the book. The next stage is to send you the first chapter with titles and synopsis for remaining chapters. If you approve, the remainder of the book will be written. Average time for writing a 100 page book is 2-3 weeks.

Don’t worry. You CAN be an author.


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