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Finding a Literary Agent is the one last realm of my industry that I will freely admit I cannot fully help my clients. I looked into the process of obtaining a Literary Agent in early 2015. I read about 10 books, signed up for as many blogs, and after about 2 months of digging, I decided it was definitely not an area I wanted to jump into. I had been considering having Agents, although once I learned how the process worked I knew it would take me years to really be worth while there.

I live in Florida, and we have only a very small hand full of Agents here, and there is a reason for that. Florida is not where most of the publishing houses are, thus making it extremely difficult for an Agent to get cozy with publishers, and thus sell your book. It is just as long of a process for your Agent to sell your book, as it will be for you to find the correct Agent.

That being said, after all the research I did, I do actually know a little bit about obtaining an Agent for publishing your work. It is DIFFICULT!

How do you get a Literary Agent?

I am not one to try to recreate the wheel, so I am going to defer to one of our great resources, Jane Friedman. She has compiled a great article, littered with links to much of the content you will need, in order to answer this question for you and your book. It is a long arduous task to obtain a publishing Agent, and as Ms. Friedman says, "Not everyone actually needs one."

Check out her article here and see what is involved.

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