Our team of experts is devoted to giving you a truly great experience. Each of us are specialized in an area that is necessary for you to get what you need to be successful, because we know the only way to get that is with a team standing behind you.


Jennifer FitzGerald

Jennifer FitzGerald is the owner/operator of Mother Spider Publishing. She began her journey in the book industry back in 2009 and has built it up to what you see today. She stands behind each and every one of her staff, having hand picked them after long searches to find just the right people, ensuring you have the best experience getting your book to market.

She has enjoyed sunny SW Florida for over 20 years and now resides in Fort Myers. She is known for her amazing cover designs, having worked with over 600 authors and counting. She has a degree in design & websites development, which she focuses almost exclusively on the authoring industry now. She wrote & published her first book in late 2011 and has just recently released her newest book in 2015. She professes having so much fun with design, her favorite is difficult to pick just one, as she loves each and every client she works with, striving to produce the best cover every time.

She spends what little spare time she has, sky diving, scuba diving, or traveling. Currently she is focused on creating some live webinars to offer assistance to Indie-Publishers in this crazy, ever changing environment.


Michael joins the team as our expert website developer and graphic expert. He is self-motivated, goal-oriented, accomplished problem solver, creative professional, with over 13 years experience in web content development.

An online class brought him to working with the team back in 2014, and he has built a substantial portfolio of websites for our authors since then. He strives to find all the most current user functions to both make the site easier for the author to use as well as stay with current internet trends.

He is often traveling around the country while working with our clients, one of the perks to having an online business. He is currently working with Ms. FitzGerald to develop a full line of online courses for Indie-Authors.

Web Designer

Admin Assistant


Adam performs as assistant to Ms. FitzGerald, although his handiwork and knowledge can be seen throughout much of the marketing & design aspects as well.

From an early age Adam had a flare for computers. Some  would say, "child genius,” but he would say, “just messing around.” After graduating high school, he started his first company fixing computers and helping people learn technology. Adam expanded his company to include imaging, and soon he was preserving documents at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. After several years of working, Adam took a sabbatical, helping his mother with her dream of owning a yoga studio.

Adam enjoys modern art, as well as photography. He dabbles with the guitar, and loves to golf. His love of science knows no bounds, and is often heard saying, “Picard and Kirk are two completely different types of captains. It’s the apples and oranges argument.”


Bernard is a self-taught creative designer who has 10 years of experience in the graphic design industry. A problem solver, he is passionate about business and wanted to develop a long-term relationship with his clients, as well as connecting with creative people all around the world.

His favorite aspect about visual design lends an inclination towards 3d designs and web design, although he spends most of his time with Mother Spider Publishing working with authors to create unique, eye-catching books and marketing materials. He loves all things internet, vectoring in Adobe Illustrator, painting in Photoshop, typography, chess, foods, and of course as any true computer geek, he is addicted to a cup of hot or cold coffee.

Graphic Designer