Publishing a book has a lot of hurdles to overcome. With almost half a million books being published every year, the competition is fierce. How do you get yours to stand out? Getting an experienced cover designer is the best route, yet the expenses can shred your marketing budget. The next best option is to get advice from a pro.


The techniques Jennifer FitzGerald has put together here for you will sell your book. Your cover is there to make them stop and look. Be secure knowing your cover will make your audience open the book. Don’t publish a book with bad advertising.


Whether you want to do it yourself, or simply know if your designer is doing it right, this book is for you. Know what it takes to be a successful author and sell more books!


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DIY Self Publishing Guide

21-essentials-guideA perfect companion guide to Jennifer's BOOK DESIGNS above, is her 21-ESSENTIALS TO AVOID SELF-PUBLISHING MONEY PITS. Another book only available here, you will also get a free video on 5-Steps to #1 on Amazon.

In this guide, Jennifer will walk you through the process she takes to publish books, from start to design, and then into the marketing and sales side.

The video is free, and the guide is only $7.00! With these two, informational packed, books, an Indie Author can increase their odds of making it to a true income much faster than other authors.

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Feeling overwhelmed with all the expense of books?

There is an option for you still. Get a small peak at Jennifer's experience in her first book, published originally in 2012. Her new book above is a complete revamp of this book, so there is tons more and everything has been updated to current. Perhaps you just want to get a taste though.

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