Hi! I'm Jenn FitzGerald. I am a publisher, book designer, web designer, and author coach and marketing specialist. Below are some casual posts when I get a chance and have a topic on the subject I really think you all should know, or is just plain fun to read.

I hope you come back often to get these little nuggets. We here at Mother Spider are devoted to helping authors and readers get the best out of books. Whether you just need a professional book cover design, an author website, or a start to finish package that walks you every step of the way, we can do it. Some authors need coaching with their writing or their marketing and this is not out of our realm. With a full team of designers, developers, marketing specialists, editors, and writers, why would you go anywhere else.

Have a jaunt through the blog and then come on over to check out the books we published and the services we offer.

Have Fun!

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    Book Publishing Package

    What is a Book Publishing Package? A book publishing package can be any one part, or absolutely everything that goes into taking a story idea … [...]
  • blog4

    Amazing Book Designs

    Amazing Book Designs from Mother Spider Today, I have almost 1000 book covers under my belt. I strive to give the very best and a unique look to [...]
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    Why do Authors Need a Website ?

    Do you go online to look for things? I would say so since you are reading this on a website. Why do you go online? Why not just ask someone you [...]
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    How to get a Literary Agent – Part 1

    How do you get the illusive Literary Agent?That is a question that has eluded many authors. So much so, that it enforces many authors to [...]
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    Hone your Author Skills On Writing

    Finding authors who have an MBA in English Lit is few and far between. Many authors come to me with unpolished work, saying they are ready for [...]
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    Are you a student of writing?

    As an author or even an aspiring author, this answer should be a resounding yes! I don’t care if you have published one book, five books, or you [...]
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    An Author’s Job

    An author is an artisan. They have a craft of telling stories. Do craftsmen pick up their tools and create a masterpiece the first time out the [...]
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