Editing by Authors

Editing truly begins with the author. The Indie (self) Publishing industry is building a bad reputation for producing unedited books. I can feel the pain of many authors, the expense of editing is quite high. When a full editing is done correctly, a manuscript passes through the hands of four different editors and then a proofer.

At Mother Spider Designs, I am now recommending a great product for authors, to assist in both the process of editing as well as cutting the cost a little. This is a great product that EVERY author should have. It integrates with Microsoft Word and will assist much further in the editing process than Word can.

Grammarly goes beyond Word when looking for grammar, spelling and punctuation. It can pin point misused words such as to, too, and two. It can search out and highlight an author's favorite over used words (we all have them).

Once this step is complete, the author can hand their manuscript o an editor who will only need to focus on the story flow and character development. Basically, you are skipping the first editor with this software. Grammarly also has more complex systems that can go further, although with just this one, an author can save at least $1000. The cost of this software is so affordable when compared to the cost of a first-stage editor.

Mother Spider is here to help in any way we can. Click my affiliate Grammarly link here or the image above and check it out for yourself.