Today, Mother Spider has worked with almost 1000. We strive to give the very best with a unique look to every cover and interior. What about the rest of the book though? Years ago, we began working with the interiors of books, which made the designers begin to take notice of amazing book designs.

There are a lot of books out there, and we found that, at least for us, the whole package of an amazing book design makes us that much happier to read a book. Not just the cover, also the interior. We are graphic designers so this is only logical for us to perceive amazing book designs as being superior to others.

What makes amazing book designs though?
In our opinion, it is the added embellishments. Not just having words and a page number, with perhaps the title and chapter at the top. We like to add graphics to the header and the page number area, making sure the beginning of each chapter has more than text, and maybe filling the empty pages between chapters with something as well.

Of course, it is all up to the discretion of the author. Although, we find, if we send it to the author with the book design we feel would be most pleasing, they tend to think that we am going out of our way for them, and we are. My favorite thing to encourage of my team, “We don’t just do book designs, we make amazing book designs. Why? Because we always want to over deliver to our family of authors.” When one of our authors opens their pages for the first time, we want them to be amazed. We want them to tell their friends if they want amazing book designs, they need to go to Mother Spider. Because Mother Spider takes pride in our work and the smiles it brings to us when the client expresses how much they love the entire book.