Mother Spider Publishing

The Only Florida Design & Literary Agency

that Does it all for the Author

Welcome to Mother Spider Design & Publishing. We are the only Florida Design & Literary Agency that specializes in new Authors from a different publishing angle. We help you to brand, publish and market your book and when we think you have a winning literary work or have sold enough, we then take you forward to traditional houses.

We are a full service agency – from design, editing, publishing and marketing, we want to become a part of your story of success and help you to achieve your literary dreams. Our representation packages are very unique and no other agency offers you a one stop shop, from perception to completion of your literary work.

Book Designs, Author Representation and Marketing

Book Cover Designs

Our Book Cover Designs are crafted to capture what your book is about in emotion, context and design.

Web Designs

We compliment our Book Cover Designs with a website that is customized to attract your audience.

Publishing Agents

Our Literary agency represent you as an author and sells your work to Traditional Publishing Houses.

Book Designs

From Perception to completion, we will look at your project and take the headache out of it. We will help you to write, coach or critique, and package your book with a unique custom designed cover and interior layout, ready for publishing. Then we move to marketing and placement.

Literary Agency

Mother Spider represents her baby spiders to grow up and spin their webs of Literary delight online and in the publishing world. We take new and unpublished authors to help them in their careers. We do this in many ways by helping you to;

Create - Market and Publish


We look at your Publishing package in a few ways. Some of the successful titles we publish will be taken forward and marketed to traditional houses, and some who no not fit a traditional criteria will be published under our own imprint, branded and Marketed.